Value-Added Assembly

Our principal of crating value for our customers, is based on a Virtually Integrated Process. We source the best in class for each of the technology required to build your product. We believe that strategic alliances and competitive advantage are most important, at Daito, emphasis is placed on building relations with the best partners to gain the competitive edge.

Our network of vendorís covers:

  • 7 CNC machining and Turning beside of Daito group, all in which are qualified to our standard quality and service requirements
  • 2 Soft tooling companies, expert in building integrate tooling for mechanical enclosures
  • 5 Die casting companies that we establish norms and standard exceeding NADCA requirements for precision Die-casting
  • 2 Cable assembly there experts and specialty covers flex and high impedance cables to a simple Power cables assembly
  • 6 Sheet metal shops, that covers all ranges of design requirements and production runs
  • 8 PCB assembly shop capable of building your multi-layers board to a single layer pcb
  • In addition to our design services we have a joint agreements with design house that can covers your needs from conceptual design to circuit layout, thermal analysis

Using the approach of mechanical kitting will optimize your cost for your final product, by allowing you to concentrate on your key elements in your product. This added value to our core business will reduce churns and eliminating low cost shortages.This approach has proven to our key customer to be successful.We are offering you to benefit from this experience.

Our experience in pcb and electromechanical packaging will extend our added value to a higher level of integration. Our people are keyed and focused to your need, our success is measured based on your success.

Our service covers small and high level of integration, product that requires over 1000 of components can be managed at Daito group. Our network of vendors cover every aspect of your design, the process and relationship establish between Daito and sub-contractor is based on commitments on customer focus and service.

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